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Die 8vo Dec. anni ecclesiastici iam MMXI, anni civilis autem MMX, dedicavi haec bloggata et alia mea scripta ad quam vincula do ad Cor Immuculatum Mariæ eâ occasione quâ parœchia Scti Nicolai in Cardoneto renovavit dedicationem parœchiæ

Creation vs. Evolution, somewhere else, Great Bishop of Geneva!

Notes/noter/Noten & théorie musicale English/French:

General Index

Polyglotta Sw/Eng/Fr …:

Index I, Index II
continued on/continué sur/fortsatt på:
Trivium, Quadrivium 7 c.

Correspondence de / of / van Hans-Georg Lundahl

New blog on the kid

HGL’s Facebook writings

MSN Group Antimodernism in memoriam


Recipes from Home and Abroad

Bibliographica – not own work, merely linking.

Français seulement:

Antimodernism en français

Haiku (contient des passages grivoises)

Mon pélerinage (premier message, pour s’orienter cliquer les liens dans les commantaires) (contient des passages grivois)

15 juillet ··· 1 août ··· 18 août ··· 4 sept ··· 21 sept 2004

Répliques Assorties

English only:

Assorted retorts from Yahoo Boards and Elsewhere

Creation vs Evolution
Index (English)
Index Supplémentaire (français, sur d’autres blogs)

Trento – Philaret strictly non-profit material not my own, only posting two catechisms side by side. Incomplete so far. Same goes for the Palaeocritti back up blog.

Français (and a little English):

Gm b1 lou – critiques de BDs (et d’autres choses)

Other languages/Autres langues:

Svenska/Danska: På dansk (och på svenska) på Antimodernism (og sidlere)

Kopiera troget och sprid gratis – icke i vinstsysfte, altså.

Deutsch/Nederlandsch: Auf Deutsch auf Antimodernism

Español/Italiano/Latine/Galego (Fr/Eng): En lengua romance de Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones

Morphologia Latina cum didactica simplificata

Litavisk kulturhistoria/Litaven Svenska och Engelska, C-uppsats i angifvet ämne, VT 2003, Lunds Universitet, godk. af Sigute Radzieviciene.

15 juillet ··· 1 août ··· 18 août ··· 4 sept ··· 21 sept 2004

de retour bis – index alphabeticum trium bloggorum deretour, musicalium et recipes from home and abroad.
index ad alphabetum cum articulo
Oui, oui, non, non


Si Dieu reprend mon âme demain

Chants de Salon


Aliorum autorum:




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I might be attacking groups - if they see it as attacks. But not anonymously. My name is real, I was born in Vienna, I am Swedish. I did time, for resisting a policeman taking me to shrinks by taking his own gun for some moments (5-II-1998). I started blogging (2001) after release (in 2000).

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