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The fact that a certain kind of Protestantism agrees with Creationism does not make me a Protestant. I am Catholic. Or possibly Cathodox, but more Latin than Greek. The fact that a certain kind of Judaism agrees with Creationism does not make me Jew. I am Christian.

The reason why I limit the English messages on this blog to Creationism is that it is a big subject, huge enough for one blog entirely, and that I have written elsewhere in English on say Geocentrism or why the Reformation was bad. Broad hint: it started out with desecration of relics, i e Saints’ Bones, like the destructions of Muslim Saints’ Tombs in Mali before Ramadan 2012. In England (where, like in Sweden, it was preceded by a period of not yet decidedly Protestant schism) it also led up to the tyranny of Oliver Cromwell, in its most radical form, and Oliver Cromwell like the Mali Neo-Muslims after Ramadan 2012 forbade public music making and theatre.

I give a French page where I collect messages on Creationism, but also Theory of Knowledge and Geocentrism (it includes a Geocentric series where I make observations on Laplace among other things), and the messages are over all fewer, because French are less given than English speaking US Americans to public internet debate in these issues. I have simply found less open and reasoned opposition to answer to in French.

Here is a post where I start out with the fact that Geocentrism like Creationism are socially outsider positions, get on about causalities and far off in comment section nearly finish off about what could have but as far as the public knows has not been verified about parallax from Mars. I refer to it as “cagasuamfobdis”, which is part of url and acronym for title:

Creationism and Geocentrism are Sometimes (=cagas …)
Used As Metaphors (=…uam…)
For Obsolete, Because Disproven, Inexact Science (=…fobdis)

French readers find a presentation and all readers find an alphabet (with only Latin letters: j under i, u and w under v) on this page:

Oui, Oui, Non, Non

If you look for a key word, use the English language for my main blog. It also includes three others, one French only (French key words) on comic books and one musical and one cookery / home made artistics / practical.

Enjoy the reading, if you enjoy it, and if you do not, leave it to others and do not decide to exclude anyone from those “others”, please.

If you want to publish on paper, treat it juridically as a reprint with my blogs (most of them, including this one, exceptions are noted on blog or index of blogs) as primary publication, according to conditions in English Further Use Note section of the first index:

De retour
First message and primary index
Note on further use conditions

Here I bid all, readers and printers, a very good day.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Fessart
Mairie de Paris
28th of August 2012

PS, Nearly forgot, not yet reachable by that Latin Alphabet thing, I have a blog more or less only dedicated to vindicating Christianity.

somewhere else
(“preaching to atheists” somewhere else than on Tim O’Neill’s blog, good though it is)

I guess some good is coming from the fact that today some Orthodox celebrate 15th of August. Dormition of the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God./HGL



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I might be attacking groups - if they see it as attacks. But not anonymously. My name is real, I was born in Vienna, I am Swedish. I did time, for resisting a policeman taking me to shrinks by taking his own gun for some moments (5-II-1998). I started blogging (2001) after release (in 2000).

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