This site is called Antimodernism, as it formed as an extra backup to blogs, many of which were in their turns backups to the now defunct MSN Group Antimodernism (me founder, 30 or so group members, most of whom were very passive).

Among my blogs on the blogger account, some of which have content saved from Antimodernism the MSN Group, messages with above 200 views have systematically either made it here are are in the queue for getting here. Backups have been made and will keep them on the web, even if blogger account is deleted; which I hope it will not be. And at any rate, this blog will function as a “quality selection” from these main blogs on blogger.

So far these messages are in English, but other languages will be added.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Bruno of the Charterhouse


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